Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eli- Week 4. Operation: Daisy Episode I

This is actually something I don't usually do. This is the first part of a series of side stories that I am writing that go along with a full length play I finished not that long ago. I hope it isn't too reliant on references to that work and can be understood as a standalone product.


  1. I got all of it. Didn't even need the translation for pornai, but that's just me. Very funny story. I actually loled at "The one who is bleeding on my 3000 thread count sheets!"

    Chaos: *doesn't appreciate being told s/he is below his/her/its progeny >( *

  2. I also liked the jokes about sheets. A couple of the references might be lost on people who aren't familiar with the original play, but the basic plot about the G.O.D. testing Earth was still clear, and this scene offers a different perspective on the whole story. I'm interested to see what the other scenes from this world will involve.

  3. This was pretty funny, and hardly any references passed me by (I think). Seemed a bit long at times, but I honestly couldn't tell you where to cut things.