Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Campaign: An Epic Verse (Part 1)

(be sure to read the Prologue first)

Nearby town of Glass’s Hallow
Was close to docks. It could not know
Any form of riches because
Ustufas’s great rock sea does
Snap up most. This was poor mine town,
Not even see by raccoons, sound
Only in tough, bread-lacked bodies.
Yet they don’t know that they did please
Our Master, who, as settings fare,
Could find more fitting ones nowhere.
These peasants grumble for some gold,
Yet have not changed from days of old
So that Solus could start off right.
She arrived from her terrible night
Shaken by loss of guiding man,
But pleased by his old gold in hand…
A silent tavern stop was first,
And with some cheap ale to quench thirst
She pondered in that makeshift hall
Maned by one man, who had served all
Drinks and food each busy-all day.
Now here’s where Our Lord has his say
In Solus’s direction. His
Quest needs chosen giver, and ‘tis
The great luck of Hasim Lamont
To lure Solus by what she wants
The most. He approached splintered stool
Of Solus (still pondering about ghouls).
He readied his tongue of silver,
And, on his approach, she said

“Fuck off.”

Most brilliant reader, you’d know
How this could anger The Lord so.
And though He knows this trope trick was
Overused in grand tales, because
Both Hasim and Master had no
Chance to move on, Hasim did go
And use magic (forbid’n in town)
To summon “Orb of Acid” down
On the face of Solus afar
To begin a fight in the bar.
A quick Solus pulled arrows out
As disgruntled folk ran about
Angry, yet scared, to see magic,
Some because acid made them sick.
Two shots from her bow did hit arm
Of Lamont before guards, alarmed
By the panic, told them to lay
Down weapons. They complied. Then, away
To Mayor Alea they were
Dragged. Mayor lifted head, said, “Sir,
You’ve used magic again. Do not
Deny… you’re charged for this a lot.
As for you, mam, what brings you here?”

“I came to Ustufas to search for my daughter. Oh please let me go… it was this man who started the fight, I had nothing to do with it!”

Master did grow sick of her lies
And treachery, but could not rise
To tell Alea the whole truth.
One thumb out of its place, one tooth
Stuck where it could not belong would
Tell Solus, ‘Master’s here.” It could
Destroy his whole experiment.
Mayor pardoned, so off she went,
Away from a town plagued by beasts
She’d fight (in the plan) and feast
On later with common people.
But off she walked, and plan went null.
Glass’s Hollow would suffer sins
For this: the quest that could have been.


  1. I'm curious to see where this epic poem will go. Just make sure that the form does not confuse the language and make the story hard to follow.

  2. Out of curiosity, what parts were difficult to follow/hard to understand?