Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This Still Needs a Title

Along with any other comments you have, I’d like a title suggestion for this: Possibilities I’ve been rolling around include:
ladyfriend and her
 To be fair, He Warned Him a Little Beforehand
 It Fell Apart Two Days Later
 Two Losers Discuss
 I’m sorry I Don’t Have Her Stories
 or whatever you think works best.

(3:11) Let me say my peace.
            Let me talk first


(7:09) Lucky. I’m happy for you.

            I knew that would happen.

            No hard feelings though. I will find another.

(7:42) Of couse you will! You’re you! Besides, I asked her, and it has to do more with your breakup than you as a person. Fret not!

(7:45) Yeah

            I thought so. I learned another lesson fully learned. Never tell those who you want to date about your troubles. At all. Not needed. 5 rejections in a month from people who knew I go the hint. Too late to salvage anything.

            Just sucks a bit. Idk it’s probably just me. Hopefully it won’t be to awkward for me to be around you guys when summer rolls around

            I’m too connected to the past. With former friends and trying to get in contact with people. It’s failed, but hey. It’s okay. I guess. Don’t know how to readjust my life now that other friends don’t want to talk my pool of people in dwindling…

(7:53) She might be cool, you can hang, and 5!?!?!?!?

(7:56) Yes, sadly

            My life is flowing through my hands like sand

            I’m near hopeless yes this month I was sadder not just because of ladyfriend

            They each got boyfriends I knew personally. Very personally

            It’s fine. I’m guessing God is saying this isn’t the time. Or at least I assume it’s Him. Damn emotions is all I gotta say. Sorry for unloading. Haha I just try to salvage and tell people but get rejected like before I met her

(8:00) Back to reality. Ladyfriend was one of like 30+ girls I’ve asked in high school Alone. She said yesRejection is a bit rough even now. I get so emotionally attached

(8:03) I shouldn’t have told her anything Her reaction is another I won’t soon forget Hit me like a bat to my back. Thanks for listening don’t take this the wrong way.

(8:05) Understandably… I never did it on a whim either. I don’t mind your unloading at all, man! I care about what happens to you. She didn’t mind the unloading, she just knew about the breakup and thought you got over it way too soon. I asked.

(8:06) Yeah. Well it really ended months ago. I just kept it going for too long. But whatever the case may be. How long had you been wanting to ask her?

(8:06) Since December

(8:06) That’s one thing I never figured out your taste in girls. Let me in on your view of things

            I see. Since last year and this year for sure. My focus was on ladyfriend but I still liked other girls.

            I wish I knew more examples of being in a relationship. Than harsh rejection. Not having people to even say this to is what made me come out so strong because I had enough.

(8:11) The one that turns my insides out, who bring me to maniac dances for her, the one whose smile drives me wild and whose laughter I live by… THAT’s the one I go for

(8:11) I saw it on Friday between you and her. I saw it in your eyes when you looked at her. That’s why I was hoping nothing would happen emotionally to me this weekend

(8:14) …that she probably didn’t like…

(8:14) So I could tell her this week. I was planning it for a while and I rushed it in the end. Well I see. Inside out eh? Who else?

            What didn’t she like

(8:15) Oh ladyfriend. I kept that to myself because it’s just me. I wanted to not get to over my head but in the end I did.

(8:17) The whole other girls thing. She might have been scared by the speed, since it implies that you thought of her while dating ladyfriend. In her mind, what’s to stop you from doing the same when you two date?

(8:19) That I understand. Well I wouldn’t. It’s not my nature. I focus only on that person. I would take ladyfriends pictures off my comp. Immediately. I’m archiving them.

            Frightening. Yes. But when we ended it we said we could Date. We weren’t together. That’s my defense though it kinda seemed like we were

(8:20) I know it’s not! That’s just what I think she thought.

(8:20) Right

(8:24) Yeah I don’t need to tell other my Business with people I date unless it’s close guy friends

            Or a few girls who I have no chance of being with.

(8:26) What do you men no chance?

(8:26) I’m prob. Scaring dorothy with all this bc I’m unloading nearly the same stuff on her.

(8:27) Who else besides dorothy?

(8:35) As in the hopes of being with them are no longer an option like Dorothy she has a BF

            This month. Ava Lyn. Dorothy. Maggie Scordato from EPHAS. Ladyfrined. And Gwen

(8:37) There’s got to be somebody…

(8:37) Really don’t know. Haha see my hopelessness? If for prom got denied by ten girls. And HC 5

            ladyfriend was a saint. Seriously. You understand now why I held on so much.

            I have to improve my grades and we have to work on that car.

(8:39) Woah… Hey, I got an idea. Would you mind if I tried to hook you up at a dance this friday?

(8:39) I’d appreaciate it but. My situation is dire with grades. Need to improve that AP English grade.

(8:40) Darn… Ah well…

(8:40) In the summer, please try id enjoy it.

(8:40) Need any help?

(8:40) I’m not sure yet. Probably just studying for the final. So maybe then.
            Yes please help with physics

(8:41) Sure thing, but I’m not sure if it’ll work as well the longer I waite.

(8:41) Longer you wait?

(8:44) Saw it on FB. Congrats.

(8:46) Thanks. Not sure how she’ll react, so keep identity secret for now ;-)

(8:46) How who will react?


(8:47) Yeah. It’s still a teensy bit up in the air. Don’t want to come out too strong…

(8:47) Sneaky you haha. She will see it ya know.

            DON’T DO A ME!

(8:50) Yeah, but she’ll talk to me in person if she wants it down for now… No harm done then…

(8:50) Uhm I thinks It’s already strong. I wouldn’t have done that of she said yes. Lol wait till summer like she said. Do that at the same time. Makes It easier.

            To avoid coming out strong and it’s awesome if both do it at the same time. Now she may feel forced to. And I didn’t help by commenting on it.

(8:52)  Right. Uhm yeah.

(8:55) We’ll see how it goes…;-)

(8:57) Yeah. Good luck even though it’s the summer it should be fun for you to

(9:00) It will! Off to bed now… Ap! See ya!

(9:00) Night cya!

            Good luck

            I’ll be praying

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