Friday, September 28, 2012

Three New Poems

The City in the Valley
Look down from the hills
at the city in the valley
and be glad you are
above the smoke and fog
that smothers the place
in a saturating haze
that prevents one from ever
maintaining one’s bearings
and keeping a clear head.
Unless, of course,
you enjoy getting lost.

Sunset on the Bay
The sky is purple
and the bay is blue,
deep colors almost
too rich to be true.
The tides roll in slow
on the black sand beach.
The horizon seems
almost within reach.

Forest Nymphs in the Stream

The forest nymphs play in mountain streams,
laughing as they dance and wrestle in the water.
One looks to the sky with a smile on her face
as if to say thank you to the gods.

Copyright (C)  2012 by Eric Landuyt

1 comment:

  1. Would cut, "that prevents one from ever maintaining one’s bearings," from the first poem. It flows awkwardly and should, at the very least, be more concise. Like the ending, though, as it adds a new dimension.
    I like the other two, and don't have much to say about them otherwise.