Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Campaign: An Epic Verse (Part 2)

Hasim Lamont had planned to give
A quest for treasure so she’d live
A hard, humbling year abroad
And learn to truly love her God.
She was to go to Rockbarrow,
Led by Hasim, but, as you know,
She softly declined his offer.
So He needed new way to lure
Her North, for she had set off west.
Then He sent down eyewing beasts, lest
She’d forever lose His Gold Path.
Fearful Solus escaped the wrath
Of these small flies. She ran away,
Off of her road, into the fray,
Around scratching weed and whipper
Following the old dead river
Through sunbaked trees. The sun did go
To bed once she reached Rockbarrow.
She knocked the gate; there was no sound.
She did observe that from the ground
Up were oaken walls to defend.
She nearly left, but ‘round the bend
Came Hasim, for our Lord forgives
Quickly so that his quests may live
And not become wasted graphite.
By coincidence, on that night
Hasim followed his strange compass
Of rust looking for that abyss
Where it’s rumored that treasure lies.
Hasim arrived with no disguise
But asked only for this small deed:
Help get in town, where compass lead.
She said:


And together they hopped the wall
And saw inside no one at all.
No commoners; no signs of fight.
And now sun left and took the light
With her. They followed the needle
Of rust compass and nearly fell
Inside the trapdoor once arrived.
She hatched a plan:

“I’ll go inside, you stand guard.”

“Happy to serve,” agreed Hasim,
And with no more talk, she hopped in
To a small dungeon with a pit
And nearby ledge to avoid it.
She walked along and then stepped on
The trigger. That caused the wall’s yawn
And with that, blowdart hit Solus.
“Aha,” did think the Lord, “And thus
It will happened again until
She sees the pattern I have willed
Into these moldy walls.” Yet hence
He over-guessed intelligence
Of Solus… she saw no pattern
Walking her path and did get burns
From each trigger and from each dart
That dug her skin. I know thou art
A clever lad, so you would see
Each trap was laid in steps of three,
But Solus spent her time to build
On other skills and thus was killed.
I see the shock that sparked your eyes
At this new turn, so hear my cries
And sit back down, for though I speak
The truth when I say that her cheek
Hit the pit first when poison won,
                                                  Our Lord’s greatest story’s not done.

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  1. Interesting choice to have the main character basically kill herself by being stupid. I'm curious to see where the story will go now that Solus is dead.
    I also like the "ok" line.