Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Campaign: An Epic Verse (Part 3)

But I cannot deny the wails
That He emits when chosens fail
So badly at a simple task;
For we list’ners can see the mask
Put on these traps so they seem hard,
But dangerous words are just bards’
Tools, when Our Lord designs these traps
So His heroes can dodge, in naps,
Their blades. She should not have died here.
With this, Master asked time to clear
His frizzled head and departed
From company. Alone, he said,
“This is why my quests should have more
Involved so it’s not wrecked so. For
Now I must think quick.” He looked a-
Round his compact palace, at the
Rich, flimsy paintings, at figures
Muscled, at books of rules for us,
At mammoth pencils. “What a fuss
It was to get Solus to play!”
He pondered on that plane you may
Enter if your vitality
Drops below needed number. He
Summoned an asking device to
Determine what he now should do.
Its screen did read, “Here are the rules
To act as a ghost player.” Jewels,
Moon-sized, could not express how joyed
He was! Back to game He’s deployed.

1 comment:

  1. The ending makes me think this whole epic verse is a description of someone playing a game like Skyrim or World of Warcraft (perhaps gamers would have picked up on this immediately). If that is what you were going for, I can see the humor in describing the in-game actions in the style of epic poem. Clever choice.