Sunday, June 3, 2012

Two Poems

My thoughts are like rushing water.
Rare and dangerous fish traverse
As do the simple and small.
My pen plucked a good one
And forget the rest as it's
Black ink spills and traps
Artistic expression.
Slices you open, takes
The inspiration it wants.
All the wrong parts captured.

You're so stiff.
Like someone's dipped you in starch
And let you fade and bleach
Pressed you in.
Now you look the same
As the rest.


  1. The description for writing is so accurate. Do you mind if I quote that sometime?
    Orderly interests me, as it seems to match order and conformity at the end. Maybe subtly expand on this earlier in the poem if this is a bigger theme than intended?

  2. "Writing" has nice imagery; I like how different fish represent different ideas. "Orderly" presents an intriguing image but leaves me wanting to know more (where/when/how much does the narrator see the orderly, and are there other orderlies she sees to whom she compares the titular narrator?)

  3. Thank you, and yes Nick, you can quote it. Mostly, it's about being free one moment around certain people, and the next in a different situation, being completely orderly and still. Like a tin man.