Thursday, June 28, 2012

3 More Poems

In Defense of Judas
If God truly has a plan,
why do we still fault a man
for killing his fellow man
or aiding in laying hands
upon the targeted man?
After all, is not the one we call
traitor simply following orders?

Rabbits Under The Steps
Some rabbits used to live
underneath the back steps
of the house we rented
when I was a child.
One day, I went outside
and discovered that
our landlord had blocked the hole
with a large wooden stake.
I wondered if the rabbits
would be homeless now
or if they were still inside. 

The Nameless Space
Exhale shallowly in the dissipating light
Watch darkness rise from the corners of the room
Unknown forces at work in the night
Ominous shadows foretell pending doom
Questions of how and why come and go unanswered
Familiar pictures change to things you do not recognize
Bright walls turn black as they are eaten by a cancer
Forgotten nightmares crawl up from the nameless space inside
Hide yourself from sight and avoid touch at all costs 
You cannot say for certain what is true or what is a lie
Stare into the space and all that was real now seems lost
You never saw ugliness until you found these eyes  
Blindness now seems like a blessing to pray for   
But no savior can hear your terror-choked voice 
Blackness spreads closer across the decaying floor
Hear the ugly sounds and try to block out the noise
Your thoughts scream your destiny was not to be in this place
But here you are now, for good or for ill
At the end surrounded and swallowed into that dark space
Take one last breath while you still have the will      


Copyright (C) 2012 by Eric Landuyt


  1. 'In Defense of Judas,' works well adding a new dimension to the whole 'Judas was following orders' theory, but I'm not sure why it needs to be in the format of a poem. Liked the rabbits one and absolutely adored "The Nameless Space."

    1. Nick, your reviews continue to surprise me. "The Nameless Space" and "When Traffic Moves" are the poems I have felt LEAST confident about, yet you have really liked both of them. To quote Mel Brooks, "Where did I go RIGHT?"

      P.S. Thanks for always taking the time to leave comments. I appreciate your input.