Saturday, May 19, 2012

The End of the Dark Period

Catch-up 2/3.  Alright... didn't get any feedback on the last blog posts, but since that's what I write most of the time, thought I'd throw some more out there that you can read if you want.  This time I've put it in more book format- a pdf.  How is this as a sort of chapter or collection of chapters?  Some of the entries are simple, or very short- others are longer, or very much like I'd had too many mushrooms, and so maybe I'm the only one who knows what I mean by my language?  It runs from just after the last I'd posted, in January 2010, to Holy Week in April 2010.  I would call it the end of the dark period of my life.  When it starts I'm still a resentful dick (maybe I still am a little) but, at the end, I have begun to transform into something more positive.  It begins turning up at the start of March, but then there is a retrograde- but retrogrades move forward, and so did I to begin a rebirth of sorts.  So I end with Easter Vigil.

The End of the Dark Period

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  1. This reminds me of the stuff I used to write, so I enjoyed this immensely. I didn't find it too hard to interpret after a while, but beforehand I had no idea who you were talking to or about. Maybe reordering or adding clarification can help.

    I also read 'A New Earth,' and loved that part with the battle of the egos over whose ego was the ego-est.