Friday, July 20, 2012

4 New Poems

Wondering While Wandering
I wonder while I wander
whether wandering will lead
to greater understanding
or simply more wondering.

Who Shot First?
I took pictures of you
taking pictures of me.
We both asked, “Who shot first?”

If The Saints Could See

If the saints could see
all the statues and paintings
people have made of them
in all their glory and suffering,
would they feel proud
or embarrassed?

Through Jaundiced Eyes
I see the world with jaundiced eyes
which give all things a sickly tint.
Fresh flowers seem about to die,
and faces look withered and spent.
All beauty is a false fa├žade,
youth and health illusory tricks.
People are not images of God,
just wax puppets held up by sticks.
I see poisons run though clear streams,
stain them to piss, and leave them stinking.
Joys are only thin, fleeting dreams
conjured up by wishful thinking.
The warmest heart can still turn cold,
and storms rise from the gentlest breeze.
A pious soul can still be sold
if it succumbs to this world’s disease.

Copyright (C) 2012 by Eric Landuyt


  1. I really liked these, especially the Who shot first? one. The last one seemed lengthened and on a tangent to me, but a good one.

  2. I first thought "Through Jaundiced Eyes," was going to be a sonnet by its rhyme structure, and adapting it to that might be an interesting way to compare it to the love sonnets of old. It's still good on its own, though, though my favorite by far is "Wondering While Wandering." The simple, thought-provoking ideas I see you usually use for these poems work best when presented in a fun or new way.